A Brief Introduction to Tsinghua University

One of the most prominent and leading universities in China is Tsinghua University. It is located in the metropolitan city Beijing


One of the most prominent and leading universities in China is Tsinghua University. It is located in the metropolitan city Beijing. It was established in 1911 and since then it has been producing intellectuals and professionals that are contributing in the progress of the country. The university provides an amazing opportunity to Study In China For International Students. The students from all around the world come to pursue their higher studies. The university offers programs that lead to bachelor degrees, master degree and doctorate degrees. Apart from this, the university also provides many non-academic facilities. Their well equipped labs and libraries are the assets of the university. It provides competent staff and better research facilities as compared to any other university. The scholarships are also offered at different academic levels and with this the students can find opportunities to enter the mega city.

The university excels at what it offers and with each passing year the flow of international students is increasing. The Scholarships Abroad can help you in getting admission in this university. This article can give you an overview about the university.

Programs offered in the university

The university offers a number of disciplines to acquire Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree. The engineering departments like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering etc are taught by amazing staff. Apart from this, they also have School of law.  You can also join Academy of Art and Design. According to China Scholarship 2016-2017 the university offers scholarships to help the students. There is no discrimination and every student is given an equal chance to get admission in the university.

Facilities and services

The international as well as local body can find accommodation in the university. The hostels are present in the campus. The China Scholarship 2016-2017 takes care of this aspect. It not only covers the tuition fee but also cover the expenses of accommodation. You also have sports facilities and gym in the campus. The libraries are up to date and the labs are well equipped. These facilities provide better research opportunities. For those who want to apply for distant learning should not know that the university does not offer such service.

Non-academic activities

The university organizes non-academic activities that can help the students to represent their university at international platforms. The university takes part in local as well as international competitions that build the moral of the students. Study In China For International Students is beneficial in this way. It helps you to explore the other side of the world. it gives the students ample opportunities to excel.

So it can be seen that the students from all around the world can get enrolled in high ranked Tsinghua University. The African students in this regard are not left behind and with Scholarships In China For African Students they can also avail the opportunity. The university provides many facilities and with competent staff it produces engineers, entrepreneurs and amazing professionals. So apply in this university and pave your way to success.

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